Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Groups associated with low-technology

    * the Arts and Crafts Movement, popularized by Gustav Stickley in America around 1900.

    * the corresponding Bauhaus movement of Germany around the same time.

    * the Do-It-Yourself phenomenon arising in America following World War II.

    * the Homesteading Movement beginning in America during the 1960s, whose adherents sought to get Back-to-the-land.

    * Survivalists are often proponents, since Low technology is inherently more robust than its high-technology counter-part.

    * most pejoratively, the Luddites, whose activities date to the very beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

    * the various Living History Museums and Open air museums around the world, which strive to recreate bygone societies.

    * the Amish and to a lesser extent some sects of the Mennonites, who specifically refuse some newer technologies to avoid undesireable consequences or effects on their societies.

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